afro-bir-238x300Relaxing treatments for afro-Carrabin hair is a chemical straightening service to help maintain a sleek straight result. Changing the alpha and beta bonds within the hair.
Using a variety of products from the L’Oreal Mizani Range your stylist will first assess your curl type and then recommend the service required for your curl type. Whether you have a minimal to straight wave or a zig zag coiled curl together with your stylist in an in depth consultation we will decide what the best service for you is.


A permenant breakdown of the alpha and beta bonds within the hair strands creating a new dna formula within the hair forming the hair to become smoother, more manageable and a sleek, with a straight effect.


A permanent breakdown of the alpha and beta bonds `within the hair strands creating a new formula in the hair providing the hair with a softer curl effect to maintain the dignity of your natural hair curl which creates a more flexible smooth finish. Perfect for clients to retain their natural curl, achieving a more manageable, softer and smoother appearance.

The Invisi Weave

This method of Hair Extension is one of the least damaging way of adding length and volume to your natural hair by applying the hair extension to your own hair using the invisible cornrow.
Simply braiding a four strand scalp plait creating a solid base for the hair extension to be attached to. Then placing the hair extension in aline with our four strand plait we sewn the hair extension in place securely resulting in an invisible placement creating a natural fall of hair. (Lasting time 6 – 10 weeks)


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